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We are Internship Japan, a growing group of people working voluntarily (Non-Profit Organization) for the mission to establish and support the system of
internships in Japan.

We believe that young and highly-motivated foreigners willing to work and study in Japan can be a great asset to Japan’s business world. Japanese language is one of the key points for an intern in Japan to be successful so we believe in a joint combination of internships and language education.

Most importantly, we strongly believe that interns should not incur any costs for entering an internship program.

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As of the 24th September 2014, Internship Japan is an officially registered legal organization in Japan. We go by the full name of 一般社団法人Global Internship Association to reflect our global mission and desire for growth in the future.

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Internship opportunities at Trillium

Today, we have two exciting internship opportunities to share with you: Business Administration and Embedded Software Engineer. Be a part of creating the future today with Trillium!



CompanyTrillium CEO
Trillium Inc.

About Trillium
Trillium is an Internet of Things (IoT) cybersecurity venture focused on protecting automotive and IoT networks from malicious cyber attack including intrusive manipulation and passive monitoring or eavesdropping. Within minutes a hacker can easily breach the traditional security measures of nearly any modern car - Trillium’s mission is to prevent this and create truly safe cars for the future.

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Featured: The Pink Cow

We recently tied the knot (figuratively speaking) with The Pink Cow (read the news here) and became strategic partners. So it's about time that we tell you a little more about this exciting partnership. With already two networking events at the Pink Cow, we can happily say that they are are a must-see venue, managed by the lovely Traci Consoli. If this isn't already reason enough for you to visit, how about the professional approach with the monthly Pink Cow Connections? But let Traci speak for herself!

Traci Consoli

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