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Tokyo Riverside School

Nihongo Tomo

Tokyo Riverside School

The Japanese language school Tokyo Riverside School with it’s e-learning program NihongoTomo became the first Platinum Member of Internship Japan, concerning the language education. They partner with us to open up many more opportunities for their long-term students of the Japanese language, coming from all over the world. TRS believes that our concept will be very helpful for their students' future.


AngloINFO Tokyo

AngloINFO Japan

We are the newest and fastest growing English language Information provider for Foreigners in Tokyo, all of it is free of charge! We offer "one-stop" shopping - everything a Foreigner needs to know about Tokyo and all in one place with an easy to use format.


Computec Engineering Ltd.


Computec is one of Asia's leading IT solution providers. Our capable, certified, multi-lingual and experienced sales, programmers, project managers and engineers work closely with our more than 1,000 customers throughout Asia and the world. We provide our clients the best infrastructure and network; IP telephony plus unified communications and collaborations systems; servers and application services; virtualization; project management plus IT relocation services; structured LAN cabling; Audio Visual systems; co-sourcing/ engineering services and software development solutions that are available in the industry.


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The Pink Cow
Traci Consoli
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Ginza Hub
Robert Millar
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Modern Guesthouse & Apartment Living
Paul Feinberg

Yokohama Theatre Group


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The Institute of Administrative Management (IAM)
Terasako Go

SNY Consulting Japan