Internship Japan is growing group of people working voluntarily (Non-Profit Organization) for the mission to establish and support a new and better system of internships in Japan.

We at Internship Japan believe that young and highly-motivated foreigners willing to work and study in Japan can be a great asset to Japan's business world. The Japanese language is one of the key points for us, so we believe in a joint combination of internships and language education. Most importantly, we strongly believe that interns should not incur any costs for finding an internship program.

Internship Japan officially registered as an Ippanshadanhōjin (一般社団法人), a form of non-profit organization in Japan, on the 24th of September 2014. After 2 years of rapid growth we are now ready to become even more professional with our work and support companies, organizations and internship-seekers from all over the world.

Our concept pillars

Internship Japan Concept Pillars

  • System Internship

    A new and proper system of internships for Japan. With resilient research and international best practices we hope to set rules and regulations in forms of new standard.
  • Start-up promotion

    Cooperation and support for the start-up sector, e.g. with scholarships for interns in financial need.
  • Promotion of arts & culture

    Cooperation and support for the soft power of a country: arts & culture. Also with scholarships for intern in financial need.
  • Women's advancement

    Assisting women to return to the workforce and special support for female entrepreneurship in Japan.
  • Promotion of civil society

    Cooperation and support for other NGOs, NPOs, etc. Also with scholarships for interns in financial need.

Our progress

Internship Japan Phases

  • Phase I - Research & Development

    At the beginning of our activities, we will focus on research and networking to build a strong base of partners and supporters. With their help and scientific research & development we will create an internship system in Japan and educational programs about proper internships. Companies and organizations are able to connect with prospective interns.
  • Phase II - Education & Consulting

    Our main activity in this phase will be to support and educate issues regarding internships. We will offer training and consulting to adapt and implement the internship system step-by-step. Companies and organizations will learn about the benefits of the internship system and how to strengthen their team by adding interns.
  • Phase III - Full Quality Service

    In this phase we will be able to provide a full quality service to interns, organizations and companies. This will include direct introduction of interns, internship job fairs as well as scholarships, certification programs and annual awards. Based on our work and experience with leading organizations we will work together to propose legal changes to smooth internship implementation.

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