FAQ Internship-seekers

  1. What kind of internships are available?

    In today’s world we are faced with a constantly changing labour market, which makes it almost impossible to predict what kind of jobs will be available in the future. Therefore, we encourage  everybody, from IT specialists to graphic designers and soon-to-be English teachers, to try their luck and get some experience in one of the most fascinating and interesting countries, Japan.
  2. How long is an internship?

    Internships’ duration usually depends on a company and kind of job one is willing to do. Most of the time employers would rather keep their interns for a longer period of time (up to six months or even a year), but it doesn’t mean there aren’t any shorter internship programmes available. One may also come across internships that are two- or three-month-long. Given that, it’s only up to every candidate to decide how much they want to invest in their stay here. Typically, an internship is between 6 weeks to 6 months.
  3. Where do I find internships in Japan?

    There are many organisations specializing in finding apprenticeships or even regular jobs for people outside Japan. Here, at Internship Japan, we are doing our best to establish our own platform for finding internships in the future and connect you directly with companies and organizations. But for now, please see our LinkedIn group and other social media activity. Please do NOT send us your resumé/CV.
  4. Who is eligible for an internship?

    At Internship Japan we strongly believe in young people’s power to bring change and boost improvement. Thus, we think that anyone possessing proper skill required by the companies and willing to work in another country may consider itself eligible for an internship. Most welcome are those finishing their degrees or students who have just graduated. Again typically, university students are usually eligible for an internship as part of their studies. Do make sure to check the requirements beforehand though.
  5. Do I need a visa for Japan?

    Yes, if your intention is to work in Japan, it is essential to apply for a proper visa. It is necessary especially for those who are willing to spend at least a few months in this country. There are many different types of visa out there and the options and requirements are different for some countries. Watch this spot for more information in the future.
  6. What are the costs?

    While going to Japan, one must consider that it’s a rather expensive country. Housing alone may cost from 30,000 to 50,000JPY or higher. Transportation costs are also a major cost factor in bigger cities like Tokyo. If you are fortunate enough to get a paid internship, at the very beginning things like plane tickets and accommodation may have to be paid beforehand on your own (that doesn’t apply to everybody though). Those without any salary may have to cover everything with their own money.
  7. Do I get paid?

    Unfortunately, internships in Japan are regarded as a kind of work without payment and an opportunity to get some working experience. Depending on a type of job, interns may or may not be paid. However, assuming that everybody should be receiving some value during an internship, we are trying to change this way of thinking and provide young people with secure programmes that will enable them to work in Japan without a necessity to worry about their budget.

    Most companies and organizations pay at least the transportation costs, some even pay for your lunch or grant you a fixed sum for food and travel each day. In any case, make sure you know what's in store for you before you agree to the internship.
  8. Do I get credits at my university when doing an internship in Japan?

    This needs to be discussed with your university department before you sign up for the internship. Companies usually give the necessary credits but need to understand how they are expected to do it (e.g. filling out paperwork). Your university should be able to provide you with the necessary information there.
  9. Do I need to speak Japanese?

    Even though some companies in Japan require their employees to speak English at work, there are plenty of places in which it may be essential to be able to speak fluent Japanese. The required Japanese level is mostly between conversational Japanese to fluent or even Business Japanese (JLPT N4/N3 to N2/N1). We do encourage everyone interesting in doing an internship in Japan to learn the language and will provide available resources in the future for that.
  10. Do I need special insurance?

    Every resident in Japan has to join the National Health Insurance (NHI), depending on your visa type. Depending on how long one is going to spend time in Japan, it may be recommended or even necessary to apply for an extra insurance in your home country or in Japan.
  11. Where do I find help?

    Once again, if you have any questions, feel free to ask us anything you want by contacting us via email or any social platform! Watch this spot for more answers and information.

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  1. What is an internship?
  2. How long is an internship?
  3. Do I need to pay the intern?
  4. Do I have to sponsor the visa?
  5. Do I need special insurance?
  6. Where do I find help?

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