So you want to intern in Japan? Great Idea! An internship in Japan is a great way to encompass the development of valuable career skills, experience living abroad and learning a new language. Whether you are undergraduate student, postgraduate student or career changer, we know that an Internship in Japan is an excellent way to experience a little more what the world has to offer.

Although there is still an ambiguous definition of internships in Japan and many companies have not yet embraced the full range of opportunities that internships bring them, there is a growing number of internships across Japan. Read our success stories to find out more about how other people made their dreams a reality.

Where to start your search?


For Internship-Seekers


Length of Internships

How long are internships in Japan? Internships in Japan can be undertaken for a length time from 1 month up to a year. Most companies would like an intern for 2-6 months or more. It is imperative that you check with your company of choice and any visa requirements you may have to organize the perfect length for you.

Use what you have!

Internships in Japan are not limited to those who know Japanese language or have been to Japan before. If you would like to undertake an Internship in Japan without Japanese language skills, we suggest finding an internship that utilizes your current education, skills and native language while you brush up on your Japanese. Many people will take the opportunity of becoming an English teacher in Japan; however, as this is more of a job option and not an internship, it will limit your time that you could use for doing an internship.

Japanese Language Abilities

If you have studied Japanese and would like to use your language skills in your internship, you may be assessed on your Japanese ability. It is very important to be honest and open about your current level of Japanese at the time of application. This will ensure the correct environment to suit your language capabilities. Having passed one of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) levels (N5-N1) surely helps. For some internships it is even a requirement! Read more about the JLPT here.

Visa requirements

To undertake an Internship in Japan you will need a visa. There are several types of visa that are common, e.g. cultural activities visa, student visa or working holiday visa. But as each of you is different in nationality, educational background and personal internship requirement, so differ the rules and regulations for visa in regards to doing an internship in Japan. Please click here for an overview of the available visa types for Japan. Watch this space for more information about what visa type is best for your own internship.

What to know before you go

Before you jump on a plane to Japan you will need to know every detail of your internship, what’s expected of you and any finer details prior to departure. Such details include compensation/salary, work hours and times, insurance etc. If you would like to study Japanese in conjunction with your internship, you must ask the company beforehand if it possible to accommodate an arrangement.

There are many blogs, websites and podcasts out there giving you a lot of background information on how it really is to be living and working in Japan. Gaijinpot, Live Work Play Japan!, AngloINFO Tokyo, Modern Living Tokyo, are just but a few. We recommend doing a lot of research prior to your arrival. Another good source for mainly paid internship or jobs is BFF Tokyo.

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