Benefits of bringing an intern into your company:

Fresh point of view

  • Interns are great at doing SWOT analysis on your organization/ industry.
  • Excellent chance to get a new pair of eyes on the issues you are struggling to solve.
  • Opportunity to get feedback with on how things work within your organization.

Additional pair of hands (and feet!)

  • Opportunity to get small "back burner" projects finished.
  • Add additional help to your various teams.

Training opportunities for your team

  • Build/strengthen your mentor system within the company/departments. 
  • Free stronger staff to accomplish more creative tasks or those where higher-level, strategic thinking or expertise is required.
  • Chance to learn and experience new and different cultures.
  • Learn new ways to deal with work issues. 

Making Globalization a reality 

  • Support your organization's push into the global market.
  • Help your organization become globally minded.
  • Find areas in your team/organization that need to adapt to a global approach.

Be a socially minded Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) organization

  • Good opportunity for your company to participate in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
  • Providing an internship allows that job to facilitate a positive future for the intern.
  • Allow the future generation of global workforce to understand the strengths of Japan and your organization’s values/missions.

Low risk opportunity to onboard global talent 

  • Short term commitment with long-term effect.
  • Test to find the correct 'fit' for global talent to enter your organization.

Take advantage of low-cost labor (not cheap labor!)

  • While the wage requirements of an intern are much lower than of a full-time staff they're among the most highly motivated members of the workforce at the same time.
  • You aren't obligated to pay unemployment or a severance package should you not hire them.
  • Low investment from a training point of view for an opportunity to receive great output and new insights from a global perspective.
  • Investment in an intern is not only monetary: building life skills from an internship is most important.
  • Compensation to an intern comes in many forms.

Benefits of becoming an intern:

Real life work experience 

  • Nothing in a textbook or a class will match what you will gain from an internship.
  • Deal with real-life work issues that have immediate and real impact on the organization. 
  • Experience current and immediate needs of an organization first hand.

Interaction with professionals

  • Work with some of the most influential movers and shakers in the industry you care about.
  • Learn from market leaders.
  • Be mentored by someone who will answer and help you with your questions/issues.

Test the market

  • An excellent opportunity to confirm your interest in your industry of choice.
  • Find your strengths and weaknesses and how to work on them.
  • Take the chance to do various duties during the internship to challenge many tasks.

Get your foot in the door

  • This is an opportunity that is not easy to come by, relish it!
  • More than 50% of intern positions turn into full-time roles.
  • Perfect your "AAA": (Always Actively Approach) skills
  • Opportunities are made, not found; make them!


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