Tak Onoe


Onoe-sama, thank you very much for your help! Due to your support, a great internship experience could be realized for Christiana. Read her success story here.

1. Please give us a self-introduction (Your company etc.).

My name is Tak Onoe, I am the CEO of an IT-company called NISCOM Inc.
NISCOM Inc. offers business transformation outsourcing, system integration, IT outsourcing, business process outsourcing, temporary staffing, and recruitment services. We strive on continuously improving energy conservation processes and automation of operations.

2. How did you find out about Christiana and how did you help her?

I Introduced her to a friend when I spotted her in a LinkedIn group asking for help concerning an internship in sports management. Internship Japan had shared her case in the Tokyo 2020 group, one dealing with topics about the Olympics. I thought that Japanese companies, particularly in the sports management industry, must follow suit with a global approach sooner rather than later. Introducing her to my friend’s company would certainly bring a positive outcome for everyone involved.

3. Why did you help her?

When I was still a student, I had been involved in the Japanese version of AIESEC. I am still volunteering now and then, guiding students in interview preparation and throughout the internship process. I didn’t have to think twice emailing my friend to make the dreams of a young Romanian student come true.

4. Please share your thoughts about internships and our work.

Interning does not originally play a role in Japanese culture. However, I believe it is getting more and more popular nowadays. Since the habit of the Japanese companies is to follow what the Keidanren (Japan Business Federation) is indicating concerning recruitment, the development of an intern-culture is threatened.

5. Will you have interns yourself?

Yes, I think of bringing on interns. Recently, the number of employees capable of speaking English has increased, and we probably will soon be able to have interns soon too. I am very excited to see such plans materializing in the future.



1. 自己紹介をお願いいたします。


2. どのようにしてChristianaさんの件を知りましたか。

友人を通してLinkedIn にインターンシップのグループがあることを紹介されました。 偶然最初に目に留まったのが、クリスチアーナがスポーツマネージメントのインターンを探しているという記事でした。オリンピックを控える日本にとって、スポーツマネージメントの会社はきっとグローバル対応を急いでいると思い、友人の会社を紹介すれば喜ばれると思いました。

3. なぜ彼女をサポートしようと思いましたか。


4. インターンシップと当法人の活動についての考えは?


5. 御社もこれかれインターン生を受け入れる予定がありますか。



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