AngloINFO Tokyo is one of our Platinum Members and also provides internships on a regular basis. More about them here.

1. Tell us about your company. What are you doing, about your markets and the countries you deal with the most?

AngloINFO Tokyo provides free content about Japan in English language. We strive to be an easy-to-understand one stop shop for all Foreigner Expats in Tokyo. Our content includes General Living Guide information, current Tokyo Events, Classifieds, Apartments for rent and also a Business Directory of Foreigner-friendly companies in Tokyo. Our global reach includes 91 communities in 42 countries. Our nearest sister locations are Seoul, Taipei, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Jakarta, Bali and Bangkok.

2. How did you find your intern and tell us about the process before the internship started.

Mr. Tom Lewis contacted us about a potential internship after reading about AngloINFO on Internship Japan. After his initial email, we spoke directly over Skype and discussed his internship goals and future plans as well as the needs of our company to find a suitable fit.

3. What does an intern do at your company?

Basically, an intern at our company performs specific tasks that will provide a dual benefit of enhancing the intern’s Real World experience as well as provide support for the AngloINFO Community.

4. What kind of person would be the ideal intern? What does your company need?

Our company can place almost any intern; however, our most pressing needs would be Marketing or Journalism.

5. How did your intern do while with you?

Mr. Lewis has done a fantastic job overall. He is an IT intern and I continue to be very impressed with his programming abilities. He has created several programs that have greatly simplified our daily work here at AngloINFO Tokyo.

6. Which language did you use with your intern? Does the intern speak Japanese?

We communicate in English. However, Tom is fluent in Japanese as well.

7. What kind of Value Add does an intern receive from being with AngloInfo Tokyo?

I believe the Value Add that an Intern receives with AngloINFO include:

  1. Experiencing Real World business operations.
  2. Experiencing Japan’s unique culture.
  3. Learning about Business to Business (B2B) relationships.
  4. Learning how Business is conducted in Japan.
  5. Learning social media from a Business Perspective.
  6. Experiencing how a Global Website is maintained via a Back Office access.
  7. Meeting new friends and growing your personal network here in Tokyo.
  8. Train fares for AngloINFO activities are reimbursed by AngloINFO.
  9. All Internship documents required by the University will be completed and submitted as required.
  10. AngloINFO will provide all interns with an important Recommendation Letter for their future careers.

8. How can we as Internship Japan do better?

I think Internship Japan is providing a fantastic service and I don’t have any recommendations at this time.


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