One of the goals Internship Japan has - in the long run - is setting up a quality seal for internships and entities. To achieve this, we also want to award entities offering especially interesting internships of high quality.

We are certainly not at Phase III of our development yet, the "Internship of the Year-Award" though is in the making, thanks to our friends at Internship Kansai

Please save the date, we are planning to hold the first award ceremony on May 31st 2020 at TOKYO GLOBAL GATEWAY (Odaiba).

Phase III

In this phase we will be able to provide a full quality service to interns, organizations and companies. 




This will include direct introduction of interns, internship job fairs as well as scholarships, certification programs and annual awards   私たちの事業は、インターン生紹介、インターンジョブフェア、奨学金、インターン制度の適正な運営に対しての認定や年一度の表彰式などを含みます。
Based on our work and experience with leading organizations we will work together to propose legal changes to smooth internship implementation.   各界一流の法人様と関わらせていただいた経験を生かし、私たちは皆さんと共にスムーズなインターン制度設立・施行のために必要な法改正を提言いたします。

So, which entity would you nominate for the "Internship of the Year-Award"? Please help us by answering our POLL!

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