Things are getting seriously cool (and we are on fire!)

So the meetings we had so far in February went well. One more to go with our dear member Yoshida-sama tomorrow.

We have more people in the boat (Japanese people who do speak English or German) wanting to join us to set up NPO-Internship Japan, we are also making progress concerning the budget matters. The system is almost clear now (in my cloud-computed head at least.) So we will have money to sponsor those of you who need it.


Our French members doing “Task Force Internship Japan” are working hard, filing on our concept.

We will partner with HR-companies / individuals, so we can make sure that those of you wanting to live and work in Japan get the help they need. If it works out nicely depends on the case. Partnering with Japanese educators to fix your Japanese, since that is essential for your future – not at least for your happiness. Here also money matters - the companies willing to may sponsor your Japanese education. We will also apply for aid money. We are on it, concerning the law-related matters. p(^-^)q

(That one is a real biggie! Pray!)

Last but not least, our designer Dexx-sama is working on our mascot. Well, it will be two little fellows… So much I reveal for now. (*^-^*) Anybody here willing to help Dexx setting up his home page? (Please) – he needs some advertisement as well as native English-help. (I want to push him, making him known. He is a trained hair dresser from Germany and a nice, cool guy I met in Tokyo last year.)


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