As of the 24th September 2014, Internship Japan is an officially registered legal organization in Japan. We go by the full name of 一般社団法人Global Internship Association to reflect our global mission and desire for growth in the future.

2014年9月24日をもって、インターンシップジャパンは公式に日本の法人として登録されました。正式名称はGlobal Internship Associationとして、私たちのグローバルなミッションと更なる発展への願いを反映しています。

IJ founding documents

This is truly a wonderful moment for all team members. We worked hard this year to research the necessary information, agree on our goals and organization’s articles and get the paperwork done for the application. All while being busy with our full-time jobs, studies and private life. But this is what volunteer work is all about and we all learned so much on the way.


And there is more to come! We are already planning our 1st event in Tokyo to have companies and internship-seekers, as well as current interns, come together and exchange experiences. So stay tuned for more!

Internship Japanでは、東京での初のイベントを企画中です。既にインターンを始めている方だけでなく、インターンに御興味をお持ちの企業の皆さま、インターン先 をお探しの皆さまにお集まりいただき、経験や知識を共有できる場にしたいと思います。詳細は追ってホームページ等でお知らせいたします

Here’s what our team members want to share with you:

Thank you. You know, when I sat in a train last Saturday, my thoughts wandering around, I felt great happiness. I just realized that right here, right now, I would not swap lives with anybody else. No super star, nobody. That tells me that we are on the right track, as supposed to be. Thank you my team, thank you young people encouraging us to go forward for better options, thank you supporting people. We know this is supposed to happen, setting up a real internship system in Japan, that Japanese people as well as foreigners can greatly benefit from. If you want things to change, better be the one to change them. My dad always says: “Just do what you think is right.” Complaining without action is not an option. So, ACTION! We are ready to rock!

This day is almost exactly the day when I came to Japan one year ago and it proves that within a year, great things can be achieved with the help of the right people and the right spirit. I am very happy to be able to support our cause and take it to the next phase from hereon. There still is a lot of work to do!

I am quite glad that our body is legalized now. But, at the same time, as a member having been in charge of the founding procedure, it has come home to me that Japanese legal systems are still complicating for people from abroad. We will have similar difficulties from now on, but by tackling them, we are sure to be a model for interns and people from other countries. Do keep watching over how we grow!

It is exciting to be a part of a great good. When your work becomes your life's work, there's great contentment. Global Internship Association (GIA) will provide a proper framework for the proper interaction with interns and their workplace. It is a simple concept that should already exist but surprisingly does not. Moving forward, I look forward to working with many entities/ people that have the same passion as GIA. It has taken us over a year to get approval from the Japanese government. We do not expect fast change but we will make great change. I hope you will be excited by our cause and join us in moving our agenda ahead.

I am excited to be part of this wonderful team at this memorable moment for all of us. I joined the team as an intern recently, and am still catching up with the great work they have done so far. I learn a lot from members and am always impressed by what people with passion and good motivation could do. I look forward to do more work as much as I can, to help moving forward GIA!


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