Please welcome AngloINFO as our newest member! With this new partnership we not only can recommend you a great website for all your needs and questions about Japan, we can also give companies looking for interns a interesting platform to advertise. But the best thing is: they take interns too!

Below is a short message by their Managing Director Jeff Cushard.

We are the newest and fastest growing English language Information provider for Foreigners in Tokyo, all of it is free of charge!

We offer "one-stop" shopping - everything a Foreigner needs to know about Tokyo and all in one place with an easy to use format.

Our content includes:

More importantly for this posting, we welcome Interns! We have had several interns work with us here in Tokyo already and it has been a great experience for everyone involved. We really appreciate the enthusiasm, energy and fresh ideas that the interns have provided. And they appreciate the "Real Business World" experiences.

Unfortunately, we're currently not in a position to offer any interns compensation. However, we can offer a great internship experience with a fast growing, dynamic company that is considerate of your future goals. Also, many interns enjoy immersing themselves into the Japanese culture.

Most of our interns to date have been majoring in Marketing and/or Advertising. However, we can accommodate almost any major as we work with clients across every industry. Also, as a media company, we welcome interns that are interested in editorial content, internet operations, creative writing, journalism, business management, photography/videography, publishing, education, Japanese culture and more.

Our intern application process begins with a simple contact from the interested applicant. It will be followed with a discussion between the Intern and myself so we can create a personal internship plan together. Major considerations are the interns career goals and interests as well as the needs of our company. It is a simple process that has resulted in some great experiences and memories. The best advice I can offer to any Intern is that "the more effort you put into your internship, the more you will get out of it". Simply stated, we assign tasks during the end of the internship based on each individual's performance and capabilities. We also consider interns for future job openings. We have an AngloINFO network of 91 cities spanning the globe and we can recommend experienced interns to work in our other locations as well.

If you're interested in having your internship here in Tokyo, I encourage you to please contact me directly so we can discuss the details.

Thank you very much and Best Regards,

Jeff Cushard
Managing Director, AngloINFO Tokyo

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