It has been a little bit quiet the last couple of weeks. But that doesn't mean the Internship Japan team is taking a break! In fact we had several meetings and one pressing issue kept us on our toes. Read more about our recent activities below. 


  1. Taxes

    There's nothing more certain than taxes. Well, death and taxes actually but we were so busy with taxes we couldn't think of anything else. Creating an NPO tax report for a young and inexperienced team of volunteers can be a bit tricky here in Japan but thanks to our Japanese team member Katsu we managed to submit it in time and in an orderly fashion. So now we can put a big checkmark under that and move on. What a relieve!

  2. New event lined up

    We will hold our next networking event around the end of July. Please watch our social media updates for more information on the venue and date.

  3. Meetings

    Over the last couple of weeks we had several meetings with different organizations and individuals. One being with our friends at the Japanese-German Association (JDG). We are on our way to shape a partnership that might act as a blueprint for other language/country-related associations here in Japan.

  4. 1000 Facebook likes

    Thanks to all of you, we managed to gather over 1000 Facebook likes over the last year and we can't be happier about it! Rahat Hasan was the 1000th person to like our page. Extra thanks to him!

  5. LINE project

    This is a bit of a secret but we can tell you that much: if you're using the popular messaging app LINE you should keep an eye out at the LINE sticker store. Expect something very cool and cute to make your LINE chats even more fun! Brought to you by Internship Japan!

  6. Expert updates

    After our meeting with Dr. Granrath we published his report on the internships at the renowned Fraunhofer in Japan. Head over to the What the experts say section and take a look.

  7. New Platinum Member: CompuTec

    We are proud to announce our new Platinum Member CompuTec. The article about this IT company and their exciting opportunities for you will be published as soon as possible.

  8. Internship Japan on TV

    Verena did an TV interview with the Doitsugo Nyumon program (ドイツ語入門) by the Open University of Japan (放送大学) a while ago. Read more about it on LinkedIn. Soon you can read an interview with the two sensei and hopefully see the video on our website.

  9. Last but not least; many new internship-seekers arrived in Japan, including our new intern Shoko Kuroda. Expect more to hear about her soon!


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