Deutsches Restaurant Schmatz


Internship Japan is back with our 4th networking event "Deutschlandspezial", a special event focused on German speaking students and internship-seekers, as well as international and Japanese companies and organizations.

We are especially happy to join forces with the recently opened German Restaurant Schmatz in Akasaka, Tokyo.

DATE: Tuesday, September 29th from 19:00

VENUE: German Restaurant Schmatz
〒107-0052  Tōkyō-to, Minato-ku, Akasaka 3 Chome−19−8


Those hoping to find an INTERN position: ¥2,000 (including special event food and ¥500 drink special)

Other Guests: ¥3,000 (including special event food)

Facebook event link:

Meetup link:


Internship Japanの交流イベントが9月28日(火)に帰ってきます! 第4回目となる今回は「ドイツスペシャル」と称して、ドイツ語を話す学生やインターンシップ先を探す方を主なゲストに迎え、企業の皆様との出会いの場を提供します。 もちろん、ドイツ語はちょっと…という方もインターンシップに関心があれば学生、企業を問わず歓迎です。


日付: 火曜日、9月29日、19時から

開催地:German Restaurant Schmatz
〒107-0052 東京都港区赤坂3−19−8


インターン希望者・インターン生 ¥2,000 (イベント限定フード込+ドリンク特別価格¥500)

ゲスト・サポーター ¥3,000 (イベント限定フード込)


Meetup link:


Our association currently engages in promoting and educating about the internship system. We don’t assist or substitute anyone in the procedures of recruitment. Internship seekers and companies deal with the procedures solely themselves and on their own responsibility.



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