At our 5th networking event we handed over the Silver Membership certificate to Samir Bodhe and his company SNY Consulting Japan. We are glad that he is supporting us and we are looking forward to be working with him in the future. Stay tuned for possible internships! Please see his company overview below.

Samir Bodhe, Verena Hopp


Samir Bodhe


Company Profile - English:

SNY Consulting Japan is about Simplifying Business, Retaining People, and Reducing Costs.

Each firm faces challenges in domestic & overseas markets, such as:

  • Introduce new products & services,
  • Maintain internal technology environment up to date,
  • Adapt current business policies & processes to comply with new regulations,
  • Increase cost savings by - leveraging new technology Or consolidating functions Or off-shoring to low-cost labor markets, and many other challenges….

We at SNY Consulting will assist you by looking out for such challenges. We will advise effective solutions to resolve newly identified challenges, and with the team-work of your staff and our staff, we will drive challenges to closure while meeting your expectations. We add value by developing long term relationships with your firm strategically, instead of simply adding or removing resources as several consulting firms do.

Let's talk in person or on phone, and You decide.

Company Profile - Japanese:


  • 既存の事業方針および事業プロセスの新たな規制への適合。
  • 規制変更(コンプライアンスおよび監査を含む)への対応。
  • 新たな製品およびサービスの紹介。
  • 社内の技術環境の最新状態維持。
  • 新技術の活用、機能の一元管理、安価な労働市場へのオフショアリングによる更なるコスト節減。


SNYコ ンサルティングは、こうした課題に配慮して貴社を支援します。弊社は新たに確認された課題を解決する効果的なソリューションを提供するとともに、貴社と弊 社のスタッフのチームワークを活用して、貴社の期待に応え、予算に合わせたコスト管理を実現しながら、課題の解決にあたります。一部のコンサルタント会社 のように、資源を単純に増減させるのではなく、貴社と長期的な関係を戦略的に構築することによって付加価値を高めます。



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