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Our 2nd anniversary has been our most successful networking event ever! The room was at capacity with a great ambience - some even stood in the hallway! Co-Working Space Ginza Hub provided a superb space for the big night.

On this occasion, we welcomed our newest member, FocusCore Group K.K. in classic IJ style. They believe in our mission in supporting foreigners, and the under-represented, young, bilingual workforce. They are currently looking for promising interns to join their force!

More photos of our event can be found on Facebook here.

Jane Best, our dear friend and CEO of Refugees International Japan shared with us her thoughts about working with interns;

Many job postings request experience and doing an internship is an opportunity for people to get this much needed experience. As a small organization interns can tailor their experience so long as it is for the benefit of RIJ. It must be a win-win. I love working with interns because they bring a new dimension to the office. I learn a lot from them because they are more informed on current trends.

The Secretary General of the Global Peace Foundation Japan, Kazuhiro Handa is hopeful in our readiness for 2020.

We are working hard organizing events such as the “Multicultural One Family Festival” which hopes to represent Japan at the turn of the decade. Although we still have a long way to go, we are hopeful as always! 頑張りましょう!

We hope to see you all in December for our Christmas Moovment at the fabulous Restaurant The Pink Cow in Roppongi, Tokyo.

We will be investing in similar seminars in the future (with a limited number of attendees) at Co-Working Space Ginza Hub.


第2回記念日交流会は皆様のご参加により無事開催することができました。和やかな雰囲気に包まれた会場は満員で、廊下に立つ方もいらっしゃったほどでした。Co-Working Space Ginza Hub さんに素敵な会場をご提供いただいた賜物です。

当日は、私たちの海外留学生支援体制に賛同してくださったFocusCore Group K.K.さんを、新しいメンバーとしてお迎えしました。なお、FocusCore K.K.さんは現在、誠実なインターンを募集中とのことです。


Refugees International JapanのCEOのジェーン・ベストさんはインターンと同じ職場で働くことについて以下のように述べました。


Global Peace Foundation Japanの事務局長であるKazuhiro Handaさんは2020年に向けた意気込みを述べました。


12月には毎年恒例のクリスマスバージョンの交流会を、六本木「ピンク・カウ(The Pink Cow)」で開催します。ぜひまたお越しください。

また、今回と同じ形式のCo-Working Space Ginza Hubで行うセミナーも計画中です。次回は人数制限を設ける予定です。乞うご期待ください。



Cheers for 2 years!


In celebration of turning 2, Internship Japan is inviting all members, internship-seekers and interested parties to our next networking event on the 18th of October 2016. The event is located at our Gold Member Co-Working Space Ginza Hub in Ginza, Tokyo. Special guests include a group of German students in current studies of a combined program in language education and internships, who will be seeking internship placements 6 months from now. In addition, we welcome all German, international and Japanese entities as well as other internship-seekers from all over the world.

Date: Tuesday, 18th of October 2016, 7:00pm~9:00pm
Venue: Co-Working Space Ginza Hub Tōkyō-to, Chuo-ku, Ginza 8 Chome−18−3 Katō Building 2F, 〒104-0061
Closest Station: Higashi-Ginza Exit 6 東銀座駅6出口

Event Agenda
Doors open from 6:45pm, with light refreshments and networking opportunities available before and after the scheduled program events and throughout the course of the evening.

  •        ~7:00pm Networking
  • 7:15~7:30 Update on latest developments
  • 7:30~7:45 Networking time
  • 7:45~8:00 Presentation about Japanese visa (by an expert; TBA)
  • 8:00~8:15 Networking
  • 8:15~ Internship seekers self-intro, open mic
  • Networking time until 9pm

Request for Donation
To cover the costs of the event space and provide you with drinks and snacks, we receive a donation of at least 2000 JPY from our regular guests. Internship-seekers may enter without a donation. Thank you for understanding.




拝啓 初秋の候、皆様ご健勝のこととお慶び申し上げます。

さて、このたび私たちInternship Japanは、10 月 18 日に第 2 回記念日交流会を開催いたします。この交流会は、企業と学生が直接出会い、インターンを見つけるお手伝いをする場です。 Co-Working Space Ginza Hubが会場です。当日はスペシャルゲストとして現在語学学校とインターンシップの両プログラムを受講しているドイツ人学生の団体が来場する予定です。彼らは6ヶ月以内にインターンができる環境を探しています。

日付: 10月18日(火)19:00~
開催地: 〒104-0061 東京都中央区銀座 8丁目-18-3 銀座加藤ビル2F Co-Working Space Ginza Hub
最寄り駅: 東銀座駅6番出口


  • ~19:00 交流期間7:15~7:30 Internship Japanからの挨拶
  • 19:30~19:45 交流期間
  • 19:45~20:00 ビザについての発表 (及び専門家の方の紹介)
  • 20:00~20:15 交流期間
  • 20:15~ インターンシップ希望者の自己紹介・参加者のオープンマイク
  • 21:00 まで交流期間







Our association currently engages in promoting and educating about the internship system. We don’t assist or substitute anyone in the procedures of recruitment. Internship seekers and companies deal with the procedures solely themselves and on their own responsibility.


Today is our 2nd birthday! To celebrate our anniversary with you here in Japan, we are holding a networking event on October 18th 2016 at Ginza Hub. Please save the date!

Let me, the founder, express my gratitude to our lovely team and all our partners and friends out there, making Internship Japan and it's mission such a cool thing. :) (by Verena)

今日でInternship Japanは2周年を迎えました!この記念日を祝して、2016年10月18日(火)Ginza Hubにてネットワーキングイベントを開催します。ここ日本で、一緒に2周年のお祝いをしませんか?

Internship Japanとそのグローバルミッションを素晴らしいものにしてくださっているパートナーの皆様、チームメンバー、そして多くの友人達へ、心より御礼申し上げます。

Today, we have two exciting internship opportunities to share with you: Business Administration and Embedded Software Engineer. Be a part of creating the future today with Trillium!



CompanyTrillium CEO
Trillium Inc.

About Trillium
Trillium is an Internet of Things (IoT) cybersecurity venture focused on protecting automotive and IoT networks from malicious cyber attack including intrusive manipulation and passive monitoring or eavesdropping. Within minutes a hacker can easily breach the traditional security measures of nearly any modern car - Trillium’s mission is to prevent this and create truly safe cars for the future.

We recently tied the knot (figuratively speaking) with The Pink Cow (read the news here) and became strategic partners. So it's about time that we tell you a little more about this exciting partnership. With already two networking events at the Pink Cow, we can happily say that they are are a must-see venue, managed by the lovely Traci Consoli. If this isn't already reason enough for you to visit, how about the professional approach with the monthly Pink Cow Connections? But let Traci speak for herself!

Traci Consoli

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