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Michael had the honor of being interviewed by Live Work Play Japan! in their second podcast episode. Martin and Michael talked about the internship culture in Japan and the general Value Add of internships. The AAA rule (Always Actively Approach) is not only vital to finding your dream internship, it is also very important to expanding your network in Japan. If you can spare 57min of your time, head over to their site and tune in! Make sure to read some of their other articles too!

Click here for the podcast interview!

Thank you Live Work Play Japan! for the opportunity and the fun chat!


We have a special internship opportunity to share with you. The promising startup company JAXUS Inc. is looking for English speaking talents to support their website ILOILOH. Please see the details below.


Verena was recently interviewed by My Eyes Tokyo, a website that features interviews with Tokyo people achieving dreams.

Read the English version:



Verena Hopp

We are glad to announce that The Pink Cow, who supported our events many times in the past, is finally officially a member of Internship Japan! Together we are working on making this an even greater and more frequent thing!

The Pink Cow is one of the must-go places in Tokyo for an authentic, funky art bar experience with food to die for (burritos!) and many events hosted each month. If it's The Pink Cow Connections international social business gatherings or the many music events throughout the month, it's always a great way to network, enjoy cool music and good food in the heart of Tokyo. They are in the business for 15 years for a reason!

Stay tuned for more on The Pink Cow and her Chief Executive Cow Herd, Traci Consoli in our upcoming Expert Interviews!

 The Pink Cow Team

We are happy to announce our newest member: Robert Millar of Ginza Hub! He has been joining our past events and decided to team up with us. We are looking forward to this new partnership and the possibilities that come with a co-working space like Ginza Hub. But let Robert speak for himself! 日本語版は下記を参照して下さい。


So you're thinking of starting your own business, or working on a big project. But where can you do that? You could work out of your bedroom, or maybe at a coffee shop, but the distractions there could really make things hard. You could rent office space instead, but the setup costs could seriously ruin you. So what about somewhere in between? Like a co-working space where there are no distractions, and where a single 500 yen coin can get you started.

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