We are happy to announce our newest member: Robert Millar of Ginza Hub! He has been joining our past events and decided to team up with us. We are looking forward to this new partnership and the possibilities that come with a co-working space like Ginza Hub. But let Robert speak for himself! 日本語版は下記を参照して下さい。


So you're thinking of starting your own business, or working on a big project. But where can you do that? You could work out of your bedroom, or maybe at a coffee shop, but the distractions there could really make things hard. You could rent office space instead, but the setup costs could seriously ruin you. So what about somewhere in between? Like a co-working space where there are no distractions, and where a single 500 yen coin can get you started.

At our 5th networking event we handed over the Silver Membership certificate to Samir Bodhe and his company SNY Consulting Japan. We are glad that he is supporting us and we are looking forward to be working with him in the future. Stay tuned for possible internships! Please see his company overview below.

Samir Bodhe, Verena Hopp

Date: Thursday, December 17th from 19:00
Location: The Pink Cow
5-5-1, Roppongi, Roi Building B1F Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032
Opposite of Don Quijote store
Closest station: Roppongi station, exit 3
Entrance fee: 2000JPY (light holiday buffet included, please order your drinks from the menu).
500JPY drink special for internship-seekers! Alcohol will only be served to those of legal age in Japan.

Internship Japan holds its 5th shared networking event with our Meetup friends Startup Workshops & Supports for Ladies in Tokyo etc. Since we want to issue scholarships to interns in startups, NPOs and support ladies in general, we believe this is a great combination.

At our 4th networking event at the stylish and new German restaurant “Schmatz”, we did something we have never done so far; namely handing out an honorary Gold Membership for one of the Non-Profits we are working with: Yokohama Theatre Group

Andrew, Verena, Julian

Read the interview with Andrew Woolner here. Read the success story of one of their satisfied interns Carolina here.

There is also a cool YouTube video, produced by another intern, Julian (on the right side in the photo).

Deutsches Restaurant Schmatz


Internship Japan is back with our 4th networking event "Deutschlandspezial", a special event focused on German speaking students and internship-seekers, as well as international and Japanese companies and organizations.

We are especially happy to join forces with the recently opened German Restaurant Schmatz in Akasaka, Tokyo.

DATE: Tuesday, September 29th from 19:00

VENUE: German Restaurant Schmatz
〒107-0052  Tōkyō-to, Minato-ku, Akasaka 3 Chome−19−8


Those hoping to find an INTERN position: ¥2,000 (including special event food and ¥500 drink special)

Other Guests: ¥3,000 (including special event food)

Facebook event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/377771825763383/

Meetup link: http://www.meetup.com/Global-Internship-Association-Meetup/events/225345166/


Internship Japanの交流イベントが9月28日(火)に帰ってきます! 第4回目となる今回は「ドイツスペシャル」と称して、ドイツ語を話す学生やインターンシップ先を探す方を主なゲストに迎え、企業の皆様との出会いの場を提供します。 もちろん、ドイツ語はちょっと…という方もインターンシップに関心があれば学生、企業を問わず歓迎です。


日付: 火曜日、9月29日、19時から

開催地:German Restaurant Schmatz
〒107-0052 東京都港区赤坂3−19−8


インターン希望者・インターン生 ¥2,000 (イベント限定フード込+ドリンク特別価格¥500)

ゲスト・サポーター ¥3,000 (イベント限定フード込)

Facebookのイベントリンク: https://www.facebook.com/events/377771825763383/

Meetup link: http://www.meetup.com/Global-Internship-Association-Meetup/events/225345166/


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