Here it is, Internship Japan's first event!

If you want to hear more about our mission, meet us and interesting people and not to forget enjoy the view on Asakusa's famous Sensoji, then this is THE chance to do so! 

To join, please make sure to register here:

As of the 24th September 2014, Internship Japan is an officially registered legal organization in Japan. We go by the full name of 一般社団法人Global Internship Association to reflect our global mission and desire for growth in the future.

2014年9月24日をもって、インターンシップジャパンは公式に日本の法人として登録されました。正式名称はGlobal Internship Associationとして、私たちのグローバルなミッションと更なる発展への願いを反映しています。

IJ founding documents

Today the Internship Japan team went to a notary public (公証人) to receive official authentication for our incorporation documents. With these official documents and the seals in the right place, we are ready to register our Ippanshadanhoujin (一般社団法人) very soon.

Another important step in our mission to become an official and legal entity in Japan.

You may have noticed that we will officially be called 一般社団法人Global Internship Association with Internship Japan being our main and foremost business handle. Think globally, act locally, that's what we want to do. So in the future, there will be more similar endeavours in other countries hopefully. But first things first :)

Stay tuned for more during the next couple of weeks!


Internship Japan Team

Official documents


Today I had the pleasure to join a public speaking event organized almost solely by middle school kids, lead by Yuki Mitsuda and with a little help of my good friend and teacher Miho Saijo. Four boys and one girl were giving speeches, completly in English and in front of an audience of around 30-40 people. The speeches had the following topics (see the pamphlet below):

  • Japanese Culture
  • Imagination & Creativity
  • What is Performance?
  • To transform failure to success
  • Diversity

No need to be great from the start, but you have to start to be great!

Yesterday on Sunday, the 27th of July, we signed our internal team member agreements. A first step to a professional and trusted relationship on a road with millions of steps and things to do. We are on our way! Our mission is clear and here is what we, the founding members, have to say on this very special day:


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