On Saturday 4 Manga-ka, all graduates from the famous institute in Kyoto,
took the time to sketch logo-drafts for Internship Japan.

Which one do you like best?


Dear members,

the volunteer group Internship Japan is on the way to become an official body called Ippanshadanhojin 一般社団法人, which is a form

Not only foreigners from abroad, but also foreigners currently studying in Japan are interested in internships here. Kotykhov-sensei from Lakeland College Japan does teach more to his students than usual - the way how to make things possible is part of his education.

This week, NPOs are in the focus of the discussion - Internship Japan has been interviewed.

Please read here: http://lcj-class.weebly.com/business-week-10-discussion.html


Things are getting seriously cool (and we are on fire!)

So the meetings we had so far in February went well. One more to go with our dear member Yoshida-sama tomorrow.

We have more people in the boat (Japanese people who do speak English or German) wanting to join us to set up NPO-Internship Japan, we are also making progress concerning the budget matters. The system is almost clear now (in my cloud-computed head at least.) So we will have money to sponsor those of you who need it.




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