Not only foreigners from abroad, but also foreigners currently studying in Japan are interested in internships here. Kotykhov-sensei from Lakeland College Japan does teach more to his students than usual - the way how to make things possible is part of his education.

This week, NPOs are in the focus of the discussion - Internship Japan has been interviewed.

Please read here:


Things are getting seriously cool (and we are on fire!)

So the meetings we had so far in February went well. One more to go with our dear member Yoshida-sama tomorrow.

We have more people in the boat (Japanese people who do speak English or German) wanting to join us to set up NPO-Internship Japan, we are also making progress concerning the budget matters. The system is almost clear now (in my cloud-computed head at least.) So we will have money to sponsor those of you who need it.





Japanese Article about Internship Japan

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