Chihiro Tanno, CEO of ENT Co., Ltd. ENT株式会社

1.    Please tell us about you, your company and your markets.

I'm Chihiro Tanno, CEO of ENT Co., Ltd., ( Our company is running the skill platform site Rent-Meee "Learning hobby skills in English". We are connecting English speaker foreigners who have various hobby skills living in Japan and Japanese people who want to get used to English. We beta launched in March 2017 and 300 English speaking people have registered.
ENT株式会社(エント) (、代表取締役の丹野千尋と申します。私達の会社は「英語で趣味スキルを学ぶ」プラットフォームサイトRent-Meeeを運営しています。日本在住の様々な趣味スキルを持つ外国人と、楽しく英語に慣れたい日本人とを繋げています。2017年3月にベータローンチを行い、現在300人の英語圏出身者にご登録いただいています。

2.    Why have you decided to take interns?

We believe in the power of 'diversity'. As interns share their culture and way of thinking, the diversity of the company increases. This is a very valuable opportunity for the company and it will be beneficial to our business.
Also I did an internship when I was student, I had very good experience at the internship program. Now, I would like to try to gather interns as an employer. So that is another reason.

3.    What is an internship to you and how would you explain the difference to part-time and volunteering to another Japanese person?

An Internship is a place that provides "learning" through practical work. We will listen to the intern students, what they want to learn, and then offer the best opportunities so they can learn from them.
A part-time job is doing business that is directly linked to sales. Unlike labor, volunteers aim to serve to help people in need.

4.    How did you find your interns and tell us about the process before the internships start.

We gave a speech at the event by Internship Japan. We had a chance to talk with many interns at this event. At a later date, we received an application from several candidates via e-mail and after about two weeks they actually joined our company as interns. At this we have two intern students for 3 months, from France and Colombia.
Internship Japanのイベントでスピーチをさせていただきました。このイベントで多くのインターン候補生とお話しをすることができました。後日、数人の候補生からメールにて応募をいただき、約2週間後には実際にインターンとして私達の会社に参加しました。今回は3か月の中期インターン生を2名、フランスとコロンビアから迎い入れています。

5.    What does an intern do at your company?

Our interns are doing marketing for our Rent-Meee service. They are learning targeting, market analysis and other marketing practices including SNS management and event planning based on their market analysis. In addition, we are also planning, sales, etc. of the new project Rent-Meee for Business as a corporate service.
Rent-Meeeのマーケティングを行っています。ターゲティングの選出方法・市場分析からSNS運営やイベント企画を含めた各実践を学んでいます。また、新規企画である法人向けサービス「Rent-Meee for Business」の企画・営業等も行っています

6.    What kind of person would be the ideal intern? What does your company need?

Bright, flexible, people who can tell their opinions firmly. We are hoping for intern who will carry a new wind.

7.    How are your interns doing while with you? Any special story you would like to share?

When we accepted internship what we did first was to listen to the frank opinion of the services that are currently deployed. Because we are involved in our services on a daily basis, we needed a perspective from a third party. The opinions of intern students were very helpful.
After that, I heard from intern students what they would like to learn through this intern, and future prospects. Based on these opinions, we created an original internship program for each person.

8.    Which language do you use with your interns? Do the interns speak Japanese?

We use English and Japanese both. Now we have two interns. One person can speak business Japanese. The other person speaks simple Japanese.

9.    What is your message to the Japanese CEO not yet convinced in taking international interns?

There are many merits to accepting international interns. We realize what’s "obvious" to most Japanese people is not actually obvious. To hear various cultures and opinions can lead to the international growth of the company itself.

10. How can we as Internship Japan do better?

I am extremely satisfied with the support of Internship Japan and I am grateful. We would be pleased if we could keep in touch in the future.
Internship Japanのサポートには非常に満足しており、感謝しています。今後も継続的にお付き合いができれば幸いです。

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