We recently tied the knot (figuratively speaking) with The Pink Cow (read the news here) and became strategic partners. So it's about time that we tell you a little more about this exciting partnership. With already two networking events at the Pink Cow, we can happily say that they are are a must-see venue, managed by the lovely Traci Consoli. If this isn't already reason enough for you to visit, how about the professional approach with the monthly Pink Cow Connections? But let Traci speak for herself!

Traci Consoli


1. Tell us about yourself and The Pink Cow. When did it all start?

We started The Pink Cow in 2000 to establish a great restaurant and creative community space for art and music that everyone can enjoy. We created a healthy & delicious menu featuring lots of fresh California vegetables & Mexican flavors. For more information please check www.thepinkcow.com

2. What is your mission?

We want to bring the best burritos & Cal-Mex food in Tokyo to people in a relaxed California living room style atmosphere with special featured live music & art and create a warm and comfortable environment so that people can feel right at home when they are hosting their events or parties.

3. Tell us more about the Pink Cow Connections.

International Social Business Presentation- is a monthly Business networking event in English on the 2nd Tuesday for creative business people in Tokyo to get together and make new business connections, learn about various business topics, and share ideas in a supportive atmosphere that facilitates intelligent conversation and meeting new people. All presentations are conducted in English.

Great food and drinks are always part of the program thanks to the Pink Cow. The burritos at the Pink Cow are legendary! Doors open at 7:00pm. Presentations start at 7:30pm with open networking after.

Pink Cow foodPink Cow food

4. Where does the name The Pink Cow come from actually?

We wanted a name that would reflect the creative community so something unusual and catchy,  not like a regular Restaurant name. Something people would remember!

5. What do you think about the system of internships? In Japan in particular?

I think it is great. It really helps small businesses and gives people practical experience.

6. What kind of person would be the ideal intern? What does your company need?

We really need people who can set up and manage technology and social media like creating videos, managing YouTube and Twitter and helping us set up and manage digital menus and other technology. Good people skills & creativity a plus!

7. You recently became a member of Internship Japan and in return, we became a partner of The Pink Cow. Thank you again! What are your hopes and challenges on this partnership?

Thank you! We hope that the strategic partnership with Internship Japan will bring more services and clients to both sides.

8. How can we as Internship Japan do better?

The more businesses and interns connected the better! 


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