Yesterday I met with Jane Best, CEO of Refugees International Japan.
Went very well, we will work closely together. Happy about this!

Jane-sama told me, that they are taking unpaid interns all the time and would love to take more in the future. Once Internship Japan is ready to do so, we might help with a scholarship for the interns of NPOs like RIJ.

People being interested, please do not hesitate to contact them already.
Here they are:

The interns coming from us will be interviewed and presented in our materials we are creating for companies and organizations new to the whole internship topic. We will have them as example about “how to have an intern” and “what an intern should or should not do” – you all know our opinion about this. Interns are no cheap laborers and they are not there to make the coffee, but to make a change!

We will join their fund raising events and we will RUN with them! Run??? YES! They have a program with people running marathons (my greatest hobby!) and the starter fee going into their budget to do good things for refugees all over the globe.

One idea is to set up an Internship Program for a Refugee (last year Japan accepted only 6 people). RIJ themselves do not directly deal with the refugees Japan accepted, but they have a partnering organization we will be introduced to.

So much for today, we are looking forward to an exciting cooperation!

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