No need to be great from the start, but you have to start to be great!

Yesterday on Sunday, the 27th of July, we signed our internal team member agreements. A first step to a professional and trusted relationship on a road with millions of steps and things to do. We are on our way! Our mission is clear and here is what we, the founding members, have to say on this very special day:




Internships are the future. Internships are an important part of the personal education for everybody, especially abroad. In combination with language education, people will have the chance to GET ready to start. Internships will create a way for all those people who couldn't get into a company directly - you need to start to become great.


Trust and mutual understanding is what I consider the best foundation to work together. Just like we as a team at Internship Japan work together, we want to create this bond of trust and understanding among the companies and organizations and their foreign interns. So that we can all learn from each other, understand each other more and create a better future for everyone.


The internship system is very promising, not only for interns but also companies in Japan which are thinking of operating globally. But for now there are many things unclear concerning the system. Our mission includes creating the internship system with clear standards which is safe for both interns and companies to make the most of. Thereby we would like to contribute to both of them. We are now rather small group but we would be glad if you continued to keep watching our growth.


I am shocked that in a global society that is transforming daily there is no safety net to protect our most precious resource: young and/or vulnerable people. It is exciting to see like minds come together for the betterment of society and the general workforce. Global Internship Association has taken the first step with this agreement for the founding of Intership Japan. I am proud to put my hand (and hanko) to paper for this noble cause.



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