Internship Japan proudly announces the winner of our 99designs mascot design contest! The competition was tough and we had a hard time choosing the winner since we loved each and every design submitted, but in the end there can be only one.

The talented artist known as Coffee Bean won by creating this bunch here.

  Internship Japan characters group shot business



The three characters from the left (the international interns) will be used as examples for the different types of interns we have categorized so far.  As you know, everything depends on the individual case, so we will make them individuals and present their stories resembling your situation. You will find each individual character's story on our website soon.

The 4th character, a sumo wrestler, is the helping hand for interns and symbolizes us, Internship Japan. The characters will be used for branding and marketing purposes, as well as merchandize and other fun items. You're thinking of cool Internship Japan t-shirts? Us too, so watch this space for an update :)

Our friends at 99designs NON PROFITS sponsored this very first contest, laying the groundwork for an exciting cooperation on future projects. Check their website and stay tuned!

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