You might have noticed it already but Internship Japan has a brand new logo! What do you think? Isn't it cool?


Yesterday I met with Jane Best, CEO of Refugees International Japan.
Went very well, we will work closely together. Happy about this!

Jane-sama told me, that they are taking unpaid interns all the time and would love to take more in the future. Once Internship Japan is ready to do so, we might help with a scholarship for the interns of NPOs like RIJ.

People being interested, please do not hesitate to contact them already.
Here they are:

Hello everyone!

While picking up pace in becoming a formal registered body, we still have a whole lot to do and even more to plan. That's why we are asking for your help!

We are looking for a young, friendly and motivated person living in the Tokyo area who could help us out with a couple of different tasks.

At the W.I.N.-Conference we realized and learned a lot.
Two words jumped at us – but they must be seen as a set.

“Diversity and Inclusion”

During a workshop, one Japanese lady spoke up and told us that she has no idea what Inclusion means in Japanese.

What do you say? Inclusionは日本語何ですか?(by Verena)

Internship Japan @ WIN conference


April 18th - 19th Internship Japan's Team (Oriana and Verena) will be at the Japan W.I.N. Conference (Facebook page: Women's International Networking).

W.I.N. granted us scholarships (meaning we as non-profit volunteer movement can join for free). We will learn a lot, understand about new opportunities and sure, we will be networking, to "EXPAND POSSIBILITIES" for all of our members as well as the W.I.N-members too. The materials are ready, us too. So please stay tuned, we will report about this giant opportunity as soon as possible.

Many thanks to W.I.N. 


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